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Truffle Olives


Indeed, we are all living within a harmony, which we even cannot easily dare to create; but still for the art we put on fire and on its way to stomach, those below playlists and recipes can at least be imagined. 

Check this one for example; preparation of olives through its raw form is not a very difficult process with salt&water.


But if you would like to try the fermantation process with below,

a non regular complexity arises:

  • Pekmez; just boil the fresh grape juice for good. Add some sugar

if needed.   

  • Coriender; a lot of coriender.

  • Truffles; a !gram! would be adequate – add this at the lattest

to your olives , and filter the liquid before serving. 


Recommended playlist for the dish is some Chet Baker & Bill Evans jam


PS : No, you cannot use truffle oil! Have the olives enjoy to swim in a virgin oil.

PSS : If you are not satisfied with Pekmez, go for some authentic balsamic. 

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